Emily Compagno is a federal attorney, former NFL cheerleader (Raider Nation!) and a current host on Fox News. A friend learned that she had a ’72 Mach 1 Mustang for a long time, and discovered that she was also a supporter of veterans causes, so when we were planning a race at the 24 Hours of Lemons in Road Atlanta promoting Laps of Honor, a veteran’s organization that delivers new, mortgage-free homes to wounded warriors, we invited Emily to join us for the race.


She was so excited that she became part of our race team, including as one our drivers of the race car. She immediately became a friend and family member of IPT and took her Mach 1 on the Power Tour with us in 2019. It was there, however, that the 351C had some valvetrain issues so we towed it back to our shop in North Carolina for a rebuild. The rebuild turned into a complete, ground-up build of the entire car.


We swapped in a Ford Racing Coyote Aluminator engine and Tremec 6-speed (the woman prefers to shift her cars for herself) and treated it to a full-on IPT suspension and interior, and kept her required bright orange paint with flames and a few subtle touches to include her beloved Raiders logo and also her Doberman Pinscher Justice. She is currently enjoying the car at home in New York City.

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When Emily brought us her Mach 1, it had a 351C that was assembled with some good parts but had valvetrain issues that ended with a broken rocker arm. Since IPT was building the car, we talked Emily into one of the best crate motors available, the Aluminator 5.0 from Ford Racing. We originally planned on installing a Gen4 engine but the oil pan wouldn’t fit the ’72 Mustang chassis, and nobody makes a swap pan for this engine, so we went with a Gen3 Aluminator, which is functionally the same and makes the same 460hp but fits the car.

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The interior was crafted by both IPT and Trimmers Trim Shop using leather Recaro seats with plush carpet, a custom center console, door panels and rear package tray treatment and of course a few custom tricks by JEM F/X that Emily asked for, such as a few shout-outs to her Doberman Pinscher Justice.

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The stock style Mustang suspension was retained but update with parts from Hotchkis Performance and QA1 and uses a 9-inch rearend from Sikky Manufacturing, Wilwoof 6-piston brakes, and 18-inch wheels from Curtis Speed Equipment with Mickey Thompson drag radials. The suspension was intentionally made with an early 1980s big-‘n-littles rake because Emily likes her cars not only fast, but loud and with attitude!



The paint and bodywork were performed by Petty’s Garage, who paints a lot of IPT’s custom builds. The color is a fire orange with a set of flames added, a combination that Emily has wanted from day one.