1966 Ford Fairlane
Find Missing Soldier Project

When we purchased this 1966 Ford Fairlane as a project car, we were not expecting to be set on a mission. But quickly our guys at the shop noticed this bumper sticker that sparked a lot of interest.  The team here at Innovation Performance Technologies are Nascar fabricators, builders, racers, and yes, many U.S. Special Forces Veterans as well as active-duty soldiers.


The bumper sticker on the car is from a soldier who was based in Fort Bragg.  We can see that he Blue Lot and his number is 3339.  So we were instantly on a mission to not only finish this car and make it perfect, but also to locate the original owner of this car to bring him back a memory and let him touch and drive his old car once again.

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Video of Our Car On ABC News

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This car was originally an R-code 390 which was still there, but to turn it into a more “daily driver capable” ride, we built a 427ci stroked Cleveland with a steal crank, good Carillo rods, and a roller cam to actuate the stainless steel valves in the Air Flow Research heads. The engine never saw a dyno, but we estimate that it makes well over 500 horsepower. The transmission is a C4 three-speed automatic with a B&M shift kit and a mild performance torque converter. The rearend is the original  9-inch with Currie axles and a True Trac differential.

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The stock style interior was done in-house at IPT with a custom center console, Dakota Digital gauges, Old Air air conditioning, and the IPT-standard entertainment system with front and rear-looking cameras. So, like a modern car this Fairlane has a backup camera! 

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The front suspension with coil overs and rack & pinion steering is from

Total Cost Involved and there are big Wilwood street brakes are on all four corners. This car drives just like a modern car with no creaks, rattles, or annoying noises, and is an absolute blast to both cruise around and occasional drag race.

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The paint and bodywork were performed here at Innovation Performance Technology.